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Institute of Fine Arts is a part of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Arts, the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce. This unit was established in 2000 as Institute of Art Education and transformed into Institute of Fine Arts in 2005. It includes:

• Department of Painting and Sculpture,
• Department of Graphic and Drawing,
• Department of New Media,
• Department of Design,
• Department of History and Theory of Art.

Teaching body is very active in artistic, research, didactic and organizational area. Members of the Institute take a part in numerous exhibitions, art projects, scientific and arts conferences, collaborate intensively with many art galleries, cultural institutions, another arts institutes, faculties at universities also art academies in Poland and abroad. The Institute of Fine Arts has the licence to confer doctorate in fine arts.

The Institute has excellent didactic infrastructure in separate three-storey building. It includes seven art studios (for painting, drawing, sculpture, graphic and visual structures), five computer labs including Mac and PC computers, multimedia studio, a professional photographic studio with darkroom.

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Available to students of Design are design studios and workshops, among others, with modern equipment and tailor modeler (with a printing plotter, cutting plotter and 3D printer). The spacious hall, two classrooms (one of the functions of the cinema) give great comfort to participate in theoretical classes. Academic XS Gallery is a place for exhibitions of individual artists, PhD students, students, group exhibitions and art projects.

The Institute of Fine Arts offers BA, MA, PhD study programms in the field of fine arts and design, also postgraduate studies, as well as programmes in the English language for Erasmus+ students:

• Art Education in the Field of Visual Arts / Bachelor’s degree with specializations: Graphic design and advertising, Visual arts: painting, graphic, sculpture, Educational and Creative Projects
• Art Education in the Field of Visual Arts / Master’s degree) with specializations: Graphic design and advertising, Visual arts: painting, graphic, sculpture, Educational and Art Projects
• Design / Bachelor’s degree with specializations: Visual communication, Product design, Fashion Design
• Fine Arts / PhD’s degree

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Programme partner Universities:

• National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bułgaria
• Academy of Fine Arts in Banska Bystrica, Słowacja
• Rome University of Fine Arts, Włochy
• Academy of Fine Arts in Bari, Włochy
• Faculty of Fine Arts, St. Cyril and St. Methody University in Skopje, Macedonia
• Faculty of Fine Arts, Polytechnic Institute in Coimbra, Portugalia
• Lviv National Academy of Art, Ukraina (Erasmus+ KA107)
• Faculty of Fine Arts, Akdeniz University, Turcja
• Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Bilecik Seyh Edebali University, Turcja
• Faculty of Art and Design, Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, Turkey
• Faculty of Fine Arts, Dumlumpinar University, Turkey
• Faculty of Fine Arts, Anadolu University, Turkey
• Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Gaziosmanpasa, Turkey
• Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Yasar University, Turkey

More informations about Erasmus+ at the Jan Kochanowski University:
Erasmus+ Coordinator at the Institue of Fine Arts: dr Maciej Zdanowicz,
Didactic offer of the Institute of Fine Arts: download PDF

plakat fine arts
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